Welcome to the home of Earnie Woodard Racing. Earnie, nicknamed The Boilermaker, is a Stock Car and Modified driver from Georgetown, KY who competes regularly at Eldora Speedway. Earnie drives Ruhlman Race Cars, which is owned by his father, Albert Woodard.


Earnie, originally from Union City, Indiana, has 38 wins and counting. His first 10 came in the form of Go-Kart wins and he has added 5 Stock Car victories to his resume at Limaland and 23 more at Eldora Speedway; his most recent coming in September of 2016. His complete Stock Car Feature Win list can looks like this:

Win #DateTrack
29August 12, 2017Eldora Speedway
28April 22, 2017Eldora Speedway
27September 4, 2016Eldora Speedway - Baltes Classic
26May 21, 2016Eldora Speedway
25May 25, 2011Eldora Speedway
24July 30, 2010Limaland Motorsports Park
23May 24, 2009Eldora Speedway - Johnny Appleseed Classic
22June 14, 2008Eldora Speedway
21September 2, 2007Eldora Speedway
20August 10, 2007Limaland
19August 4, 2007Eldora Speedway - J.R. Butler Memorial
18July 7, 2007Limaland - Bobby Keysor Memorial
17August 4, 2007Limaland - Vern Fricke Memorial
16August 4, 2007Limaland - Regular feature
15April 1, 2006Eldora Speedway
14September 14, 2004Eldora Speedway
13April 18, 2003Eldora Speedway
12May 18, 2002Eldora Speedway
11August 17, 2002Eldora Speedway
10July 14, 2001Eldora Speedway
9May 19, 2001Eldora Speedway
8September 8, 1998Eldora Speedway
7August 21, 1998Eldora Speedway
6August 31, 1997Eldora Speedway
5June 28, 1997Eldora Speedway
4May 17, 1997Eldora Speedway
3April 27, 1996Eldora Speedway
2April 20, 1996Eldora Speedway
1April 13, 1996Eldora Speedway


August 4, 2006 – “In 2006, we decided to take the car up to Limaland for the Vern Fricke Memorial. We had the car running really good from the minute we pulled it out of the trailer. I ended up winning the feature that night, plus the Memorial race itself. It was a very special night and we brought home two features in the process”.


“My goal right now is to win the local Stock Car championships. I would like to win the Limaland Track Championship. Most importantly, I want that Eldora Speedway Championship. We’ve had a lot of success there and if we keep at it, we’ll bring it home one of these days”.